Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was my turn this year since Jeff is in charge of our Anniversary in June. I asked Jeff to be my Valentine...I think the strawberry jam and chocolate strawberries helped convince him to say yes! So I planned a weekend away with just Jeff and I, not even Hailey...on the MOUNTAIN in TAHOE!

We had a gorgeous sunny day, great snow and no kids!! My wonderful parents braved Hailey's first day away from us and she did GREAT!! She's sleeping 12 hours at night now, eating 5 oz like a little champ and did great for my mom. I'm sure she was cake compared to Mr. 5 and Mr. 3 who are anything buy quiet and sweet lately. I appreciated this time with Jeff SOOO much I can hardly explain it.

Here's Hailey hangin' with Grandpa...

On actual Valentine's Day...

Jeff got the boys involved in Valentine's Day this year and they made me go upstairs with Hailey while they got everything ready...heart shaped pancakes, handmade valentines cards, candles, sparkling grape juice...what more could a mom want?? I LOVE MY BOYS!

Justin took this picture:
OH, and for Justin's preschool class this year my girlfriend and I decided to make "new" crayons out of our old broken crayons...I think they turned out pretty dang cute and Justin LOVED them!


Heidi Miller said...

Wow! And I thought my hearts with Hershey's Kiss noses were super creative. You are AWESOME!!! And what good idea to trade off Valentine's Day and Anniversaries . . . I might have to present that idea to Joseph. Also . . . she is sleeping 12 hours! kaitlyn doesn't even do that. That is AMAZING. It must be the cream. It just must be!! :)

Kristin Jones said...

A whole weekend away?! You go girl!! So great! The crayons are super creative...awesome!
Cute pics of everyone.

Kari said...

okay seriously?!! homemade crayons and homemade valentines?!! chocolate covered strawberries and homemade jam...and you have a new baby!!!! It makes me exhausted just reading about all you do! You are amazing and I am totally jealous of your ski day getaway too!! So glad you guys had such a great time though!! Love the pics!

Angela said...

What a cute valentine's day idea! I will have to remember that one for next year! =)