Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 31, 2011

For mom and For Heidi

Here's the outfit I was telling you about the other night mom...those white pants are eyelit, they're super cute. Hailey is now rolling over from front to back...I tried to capture it on camera...

And this is for you Heidi:

4 Purex (two not pictured) 2 for free after coupons, 2 for $1 each
3 Dixie Heavy Duty plates 45 ct $1 after coupons
14 Snickers eggs (8 not picutred) .06 after coupons
2 M&M eggs +.02 for buying
2 Snickers eggs free after coupons
1 Sucrets +.50 for buying
1 Doctors Nightguard (I used to pay 20 bucks for these at Walmart) free after coupons
1 bag Wonderful Pistachios $1
3 Milky Way $1
3 PB M&M (one was given to my friend who watched the boys while I shopped!) $1
I used a $2/10 video values Rite Aid coupon, $1 off any purchase, and $3/10 survey coupon
Total: $1.90
All I used was coupons to pay for all UP rewards, just coupons!!! My total was actually just .60...the rest was tax! AND now I have the boys' Easter baskets done for free! Bada bing bada bang!

I know that you really doing this and I'm so happy for you, stick with it, it TOTALLY PAYS OFF!!!

And then for the rest of the updates:
Justin completed his rewards chart this past week! He colors a star everyday he makes his bed and cleans up his toys in his room after quiet time. He got a gun and target as well.

Jordan and Hailey before church, her tights had ruffles on the booty!!
We finally went as a family to visit our new cousin/niece Lillian Sophia Stacy...she's so perfect! All the "big kids" had fun spending time together:
And Hailey got some daddy time:

Thanks mom for watching the kids while Jeff and I got to go the temple!!


Nick and Cristina Anderson said...

Sheila! I am so addicted to couponing too! I've been trying to get those darn purex crystals for 2 weeks now. every time I go to rite aid they are all out. We've got some hard core coupon-ers over here and they snatch everything up on sundays! Boo!

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

LOL Cristina!! Rainchecks are amazing!!!! I'm so happy that you are couponing, what a rush huh???

Scott & Annie said...

Oh my heck! She looks so big next to a newborn! And you go girl on the couponing. I took other stores' ads to Walmart for the first time this week, so needless to say, I am a rookie in training. Maybe you can be my mentor in all things couponing like you are in baby sleeping and most other things in my life! Go Justin on the bike! And I am laughing at the "Help Mom" picture with the boys all over the baby. That is the story of our lives. These poor babies are so torturously loved. Hope you are well. I love and miss you!

Kristin Jones said...

1. Super cute pics!
2. Definitely wish I had a Rite Aid, but love the coupons!
3. I hate that Hailey looks so huge next to Lillian. What's that all about?! Why do they have to get big so fast??

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

Seriously, and Lillian was no premie, she was born at NINE pounds...a month ago!!!! They get big waaaay too fast!!

Angela said...

I'm so glad to see some updates and new pictures! What a big chunky little cutie your sweet Hailey is! It looks like you're just loving her to pieces with all the girlie bows and everything! And you thought you couldn't be girlie!!! =)
And what big boys, riding a bike and no potty at night! I love the chart idea and I think I might try it out with one of mine that is still struggling. =) love and miss you!

Heidi Miller said...

Thanks for the post JUST FOR ME!!! Hahahaha!! I took the week off this week. :( I know. Lame. BUT, I had to. Life was too CRAZY with all the moving to AZ decisions we are in right now. Blech...but anyway, um, I love how CHUBBY Hailey is. Either the rice cereal is doing its job or you produce straight cream! :) I LOVE her! If only I could reach through the computer screen and pinch those lovely cheeks!