Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 14, 2011

Giants vs Dodgers

Since we are huge Giants fans over here (mostly Jeff) and there are some die hard fans in our ward (mostly Scott) we coupled up on a double date the Giants vs Dodgers opener in San Fran. The game itself was a bit of disappointment, but it was fun to go with Scott and Sharon Cornelius and the conversation never lagged! We came prepared for the cold and it's a good thing cuz it was COOOOOLD!!

Maybe the highlight of the night for me...$1 beads from the guy on the street!!!


Kristin Jones said...

Yay for baseball season!!

Heidi Miller said...

You look hot in that hat Sheila! Seriously! Hot! Ahhhh, maybe SOMEDAY Joseph and I will get to go to a game with ya'll. Someday....