Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 23, 2011

Midgets Working

This post was thoughtfully named by our wonderful Uncle Eric, and yes, we are dying eggs with Gma and Gpa Capell. Grandma thought of the aprons, not me, she's so smart! Guess that's what you learn when you raise 5 crazy boys!!

AND of course here's Hailey with her little egg that gma colored for her!


Amber Brown said...

I don't know where all these new posts came from but I LOVE them and love to see what you kids are up to! Harrison and I decorated eggs this morning and made a HUGE mess---I totally never think of putting an apron on him!!!! Too cute!! And Sheila you look HOT in those baseball date pics by the way :)

Natalie said...

So fun! Darren and I can't wait to dye eggs this afternoon. Wish we were there to have fun with you guys :)

The Howards said...

I haven't checked in, in forever and Hailey is so big!! And darling of course. Such sweet little eyes! You are doing such fun things with your family! I love it all!

Angela said...

Ok, you have a million posts on here I haven't seen! So here come all the comments:
Hailey is SO cute in these pictures! She's getting so big! And I love the kids sitting in bean bags during scripture time, maybe I'll get some and that will keep them in their seats! =) And I love the bean jar thing, maybe I'll steal that one too. And I totally agree with Amber, you DO look hot in those baseball pictures! Who needs the Biggest Loser?? =)