Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

April 14, 2011


Jeff and I are tired of the kids not listening to us when we ask them to do something. So we decided for Family Home Evening to do a lesson on Obedience! It went really well and we started a new incentive program with the boys. The each have a little jar that they are trying to fill up with beans. Whenever they listen the FIRST time mommy or daddy or tells them to do something, they get beans! We decided together what would be the reward once they fill their jars to the top...a family day at FUNWORKS!! (kinda like Chuck E. Cheese) So, this weekend they reached their goal (it took just under 2 weeks) and they got their reward on Monday!! I'm pretty positive Jeff loved this as much if not more than the boys. It was a fun day!

And here's Hailey with Grandpa Capell. He threw his back out sneezing, and with gma recovering still from her surgery they were two cripples trying to take care of each other. Instead of them killing themselves trying to cook dinner and stuff for themselves, we had them come stay with us for a little under a week so we could try and help them and feed them. It was fun to have them around!!


Lori and Brian Faulconer said...

What a great idea! You're such good parents...and I don't believe that your little angels don't listen...there's no way those cutie pies could EVER do wrong!

Heidi Miller said...

I REALLY like this idea for listening. We STRUGGLE OVER HERE!!!! I think we'll try that one. Heaven knows we have plenty of empty jars and TONS of dry beans from the Wic days. Thanks for the idea! You are a genius!