Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 18, 2011

Enjoying some fresh air

We HAD to get out of the house the other day...with not enough energy to go to the park, no car, and Hailey needing to eat soon, we decided to do an art project in our front yard. The ever popular Elmers Glue sprinkled with glitter was our project of choice today and it was a hit. This kept my boys busy for close to an hour and Hailey hung out under the sun shade (BEST purchase of the season for sure!)


Heidi Miller said...

Two good ideas I am stealing....glue and glitter OUTSIDE and a shade tent. AWESOME!!! I am so glad you are my friend. You have SUCH good ideas!

Amber Brown said...

umm..Jordan looks a little frustrated with the way that Justin is using that glitter :) I also think I will be stealing this idea!