Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 26, 2011

Family Temple Day

Our primary presidency is amazing. I cannot even begin to tell you the amazing activities that they have put on for our kids. This weekend was no different, they planned a Ward Primary Family Temple Day and it was great. The only family was missing my better it was just me and the kiddos. Jeff works 2 out of 3 Saturdays in order to get Sundays off, so often I'm solo on Saturday activities. Lucky for us though, Jeff's parents had a sealing that morning, so they rode there with us and helped me with the boys (who were not on their best behavior at all that day...) We did a tour on the top of the temple, a tour of the visitors center, a craft in the stk center and then they fed us all an amazing enchilada lunch! First class all the way in my books!

This is Megan, my little angel who helped me all day with Hailey and the boys. Her mom is the Primary Pres (and an amazing lady, she reminds me of my own mother in SO many ways) and she has really gone over and beyond to help me and my family.

And I got a picture of Hailey with her namesake (this is Hailey Stacey, one of Justin's fav. people)


Heidi Miller said...

What a FUN day! Remind me to remember that for future suggestions for future primaries. :) Seriously! What a GREAT idea! You look HOT by the way and I LOVE that you ALWAYS have flowers in Hailey's hair! I was never good about that.

Scott & Annie said...

Oh my heck, seriously, what a great activity! I'll bet the kids loved it. And Hailey is looking so darling and edible:) You look great too, Sheila.

Kristin Jones said...

What a great idea, and it looks like you had beautiful weather!!

The Garner Family said...

It looks like it was a gorgeous day! What a great trip for the fam. I am really impressed withthe way you are raising your family in righteousness, it's easy to see:)

Angela said...

What an awesome activity! Makes me want to have the same for our own primary, except it might be a little much for the 150 kids we have. But that would be such a neat activity!