Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 26, 2011

Sacramento Zoo Trip

A couple of girlfriends and I packed up our kids and headed to the Sacramento Zoo for the day. The boys LOVED it, since they are obsessed with animals, this was right up their alley. I forgot how young Jordan was last time we went to the zoo. This was a whole new excitement for him. I'm just sad Jeff had to work, he would have loved to have seen Jordan shake with excitement as the Tiger paced right in front of him...giggle his high pitched giggle as the monkeys swung from branch to branch...stomp his feet and swish his flexed arms with tight fists back and forth while he got to see the Kangaroos get up from laying in the sun and hop after each other in their "outback"...and then don't even get me started on how THRILLED they were to ride the train! I sure do love these boys. Justin is so mature lately. He still loves to tease (that will never end I'm positive) but he really is taking on the big brother roll like a champ. He brings Jordan with him exploring everything and is naturally such a little leader. It was fun to watch them together today as they got to see each new animal.

Whose kids are those???

Justin insisted on riding in the front of the train with Hailey and I while Jordan much preferred the back with the rest of our friends.

And yes, these kids are FEEDING the Giraffe...don't think it came without cost though. $3 per kid...what a rip off!! Seriously Sac Zoo, I already shelled out like 30 bucks just to get in...
Actually, I (naturally) told them no but that they could get really close to see the giraffes up close. They were OK with it, HOWEVER, lucky for them, my friend Kara talked me in to forking out the three bucks...and let me tell you, SO WORTH IT!! C'mon, check out Justin, he's BEAMING!!! Worth every penny (especially since Jordan got to come in during Justin's turn and feed a couple of branches, at no extra cost!) so TOTALLY worth it!! hahahaaa

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Heidi Miller said...

You are brave. Going to the zoo with three kids and no hubby isn't easy. I love how Hailey's face is like squished down into that baby bjorn. HA! The boys are so big and everyone looks SO happy!