Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

June 3, 2011

Food Storage Analyzer

Well, I've decided to get back at my food storage. My ward had a combined 5th Sunday and they continue to talk about how we have been commanded to get our year supply. We have a pretty good rotating 3 month supply and that was my goal last year. Now on to my longer term supply. I used this tool on the Emergency Essentials web site to help me calculate what I already have, and then I made some goals to what I need for my family to get our year supply. The program was great because it actually shows you how many days of food you have stored for your family! Right now, not counting any food in my pantry or 3 month supply, we have 106.5 days of food for our family of 5. What is neat it that you can "put in an order" for next time to see what you need to get you to 365 days, or a year supply for your family! Also, I really liked that after you enter in what you have, you can click on the My Pantry tab and it will pull up a list of everything you have! You can easily adjust the number as you add to your supply and it's a great way to track what you have, and what you still need!! I'm going to our local cannery tomorrow to start canning a bunch more dry pack foods for our family!! Hopefully this can help some of you to get you started if you haven't already...or to keep you going!!!

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Angela said...

Wow, sounds great! I think I will look into it!