Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 7, 2011

Annual Family Ball Game

For our family game this year we had to leave Hailey since it was a night game. (Jeff has already got another day game planned with tix for Hailey) Anyways, we had prime bleacher tickets and it was a great night together. The boys were really, really good. I mean, they ate McDonalds for the first three innings, we went up to the Coke bottle slide in the 5th, there's the 7th inning stretch and then Cotton Candy till the game ended...what more could a kid want?? And I'm pretty sure the drunk guys next to us were very entertaining for the boys as well. ;0)

Oh yeah, and as Jordan was cheering "GO Buster Posey!! GO Cody Ross!!" He lost his balance and landed on the front of his head...I swear with the thud that it made, I was ready for round 2 to the ER and was expecting blood...Luckily, no blood, just a huge egg on the top of his forehead! Poor guy!

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Heidi Miller said...

I wanna do an annual family ball game. You have SO many fun traditions. What LUCKY kids you have!