Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 21, 2011

Camping with the Riddles

For I think three years now we've been talking about going camping with our good friends from Sacramento, the Riddles. We finally did it! Although the campground was not our ideal setting, there was a fire pit and no internet so it was great family time together! Thanks Craig and Rachel!

Yeah, it was pretty stinkin' hot...check out Justin's sweat line...SICK!

A little Bocce Ball

And it was just too hot to stay at the campground all day, so we drove to Salida for some pool time. We cooked our foil dinners on the BBQ!

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Heidi Miller said...

We went camping this weekend and oh man....we were SO hot. I feel your pain. BUT, somehow the kids don't even notice and go on having the time of their lives. Crazy! Btw, WE MUST go camping together one of these days now that we will be much closer to you. yahooooooo!