Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 5, 2011

BiG FuN at the CA State Fair!

One of favorite summer traditions is going to the CA State Fair. I don't think I've ever missed a year...seriously, ever. My mom is really in to it and we usually would go for her birthday. Since the past couple of years they have done it in July instead, we went for Jeremy's birthday! I was sad Jeff had to work (although I don't think he was too upset ;0)) The weather wasn't too hot and it was a fun day. We were SO happy that Grandma and Grandpa Stacy were there and of course, the favorite uncle, Uncle Jeremy was always up for fun! I think Jeremy bought Jordan three Icees...mmmmmmm

First stop is usually the Smokey the Bear Fire Safety shpeel...the kids really like it. Kari and I sent Mark with the kids while we took the babies to find the ear piercing guy...

Thanks for the snow cones G&G!!!

We went on kids' day so $1 rides...SO worth it!!

Hangin' at the horse races...minus the horses and racing...

This furry chicken was posing for some pics and the kids were loving it!

What a good uncle!

Maybe my favorite part of the day. Relaxing and talking in some shade...

I took this one for Jeff, love you honey!

Inside the BIG BUG exhibit

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Heidi Miller said...

SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!! I wanna go to the state fair tooooooo!!!