Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 4, 2011

a first for me.

So I don't forget the great moments...

I swear I feel like I'm constantly saying the same things over and over to my kids, praying with all my might that someday they'll "get it" and soak in all that Jeff and I are constantly throwing their way.
We just got back from Utah on Sunday afternoon. We missed church due to the large amounts of vomit spewing from Jordan and I all throughout Utah and Nevada. Luckily on Monday my girlfriend let me know that our Bishop had issued a challenge to the ward to read the Book of Mormon every day as a family for the month of August...starting with 3 Nephi 8:1. I was excited for the challenge and the unity I knew would be felt as we ventured to do this with our ward. After a busy week at Snowbird, traveling, playing, late nights, etc. it was SO nice to be home with our family Monday night. As we opened The Book of Mormon and began reading, an overwhelming Spirit of the Lord filled our home and each of our hearts. I could tell Jeff was feeling what I was, but I was unsure if the boys had keyed in on it. They were unusually attentive and decided to get their bean bags out and sit on both sides of daddy. It was one of those rare happy moments. I read the 8th chapter of 3rd Nephi. It's the part where the resurrected Savior comes to visit America. It's probably one of, if not, the most vital part of the Book of Mormon. As we discussed what we learned, and how we felt, I kept hoping that the boys would feel the Spirit that I was feeling. Jeff and I decided (since it was already late) that we would watch The Testaments for family night Tuesday night since that is exactly what we were reading about.
Tuesday night by the end of the movie, the Spirit was again strong and Jeff and I were telling the boys how we feel the Spirit and that the Spirit testifies of truths that we were learning about. That night Justin said the closing prayer for Family night and in his prayer, he thanked Heavenly Father that we had each felt the Spirit. It was a very heartfelt prayer, unrushed and super sincere. I was touched and had a nice happy mommy moment, we both hugged Justin and expressed how happy we were with his wonderful thoughtful prayer. But my REAL moment came later that night as Justin knelt with me to say his personal prayers. He said, "Thank thee that we could watch this movie and see Jesus, see you in it. Thank thee that I could feel the Spirit, and Mommy could feel the Spirit, and Daddy and Jordan could feel the Spirit..." Then when he was done, he told me that after he said his prayer for family night that his heart felt strong. Like it was so strong. And that after he said his personal prayer his heart feels even stronger, like it's beating so strong. It was so amazing to be a mother, and help Justin to know that what he was feeling was the Spirit. He was was a good day.


Kristin Jones said...

So great, Sheila!!

Heidi Miller said...

That brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for the Gospel and so so thankful to have friends like you who are living it strong and teaching your children. Thanks for being a strength to me.

Scott & Annie said...

What a reward, Sheila! You two are great parents. Thanks for spending time with us in Utah. We had SUCH a great time!