Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 5, 2011

Hailey's new ears!

One of my favorite things is little baby girls with their ears pierced!!! I got mine done when I was 5 at the CA State Fair. I was there (and I think a heavily influencing voice) when Kali got her ears pierced, also at the State Fair, when she was about 9 months old. SO proud of Kari. I was there when Madelyn (also at the State Fair) got her ears pierced...maybe 3 or 4 months old?? I was living vicariously through my nieces. They looked so beautiful with their sparkles... :0) FINALLY I had Hailey, it was finally my daughter's ears that would be pierced and sparkling!! It took some convincing Jeff, but after his OK, we were good to go... CA State Fair HERE WE COME!! Just like Mommy Hailey!!! Even better, Hailey would get to do it with her cousin Lilly!! First stop after we got there, to find the ear piercing guy...where could he be....WHERE. WAS. HE???? GRRRRRR...the guy was nowhere to be found. Kari and I concluded he died, because he's been there EVERY YEAR for the past 30...what the heck happened THIS year that he couldn't be here for me??? Must be dead. Disappointed but not defeated, we settled on the mall and here are our results!!!

She has no clue...
Literally a min. after it was over...see, not too traumatic!!
The two brave girls! I think Hailey was trying to grab Lilly and my mom was quickly pulling her away to save sweet Lilly!


Nick and Cristina Anderson said...

YAY! My sister and I just took our girls to the mall tonight! I was a nervous wreck! Chloe of course was perfectly fine and only cried a little. I'm also a sucker for a little bling bling. :)

Kristin Jones said...

Super cute!!

Heidi Miller said...

I still think it's cruel. ;P ha! Cute...but cruel. :)