Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 26, 2011

Snowbird/Utah 2011

This year was a quick Utah trip...too quick if you ask Jeff and I. Our first stop was the Capell Reunion in Arimo, ID. It was great to see Great G&G Capell and the boys loved playing on the tractors and feeding the horses. Grandpa Capell turned 90 this year so it was also a b-day party for him. Then off to Snowbird. We go to watch fireworks all the way from Idaho to Utah...being that it was the 24th of July it was a big deal and everyone was shooting off their very own aerials (now legal) and it was great. We stayed upstairs in 719 and it was especially fun to have Eric, Jenny and Walker here this year.

One, if not my favorite parts of Snowbird, BINGO!!! Three winners from our fam this year!
Jeff hiked the tram with his dad, brother and cousins...

We hit up Wingers and Training Table...

Walked around Temple Square
And then to the Church History Museum. It was AWESOME!! Upstairs they had all these exhibits for the kids, it was like a mini free children's museum. They loved it!
Coloring the First Vision
Fishing off Nephi's boat

We went for a family walk to see the fish pond and to play on the playground.

On our way we saw a MOOSE and her BABY!!

Over to the Snowbird Center

Riding the Chickadee to the top of the Alpine Slide. This year we walked down though.

And this year, we got to stay the night with the Osmonds earlier in the week and then they came to BBQ and swim with us later in the week! All our babies are within 4 months of each other and Hailey and Jacob are the closest being less than a month apart!


Justin and Jordan showing the kids the awesome arcade room

The Sat. that we left we met Jeff and Britt for some Cafe Rio and hung out for a bit.

On our way home we stopped in West Valley at Hollywood Connection and rode rides, played arcade games and some mini golf. We might have just wore these kids out b/c the ride home was def. memorable.

Little did we know that in just one short hour Jordan would be throwing up in his seat...three times...and then two hours later I would be making Jeff pull over every 1/2 hour to do the same thing...Jeff could only drive for so long before we had to get a hotel. No luck the first city we tried, then finally we got a smoking room in a nasty hotel...I could seriously care less. We made it Sunday morning safe and sound and VERY worn out!! What a night!


Kristin Jones said...

What a fun trip...and definitely a memorable ending. Bummer!

Amber Brown said...

yeah looks awesome except for the end.. and training table will always remind me of you (maybe because I've been once, with you ...and there were possibly cheese fries involved...mmmmmm...) . I'm glad you guys had a mostly fun trip!

Angela said...

WOW what a trip! So we were in Utah the first of August, and I thought about you the whole time. I really hope that's not when you were there!! We missed you guys at Thanksgiving Point, and the kids were talking about what they were going to do when they saw your boys and met your baby girl. I had to sadly tell them they weren't going to see you guys this time. Looks like you guys had fun though! Next time we'll plan it for the same week! =)

Scott & Annie said...

Yay! Love the pictures, but I am so sorry about your going home experience. Blah! And awesome job on putting that wheat to use. You inspired me with your food storage talk...I am prioritizing and going to spend some money this week on it. Maybe I'll be calling you:)