Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 20, 2011

First Days of School...well, sorta

Here's my grown up, he was SO ready for preschool to start this year!  He started about a month after Justin and was SO excited for HIS school!  He goes to the city preschool three days a week from 9-12 and it's been great.  Plus, for the price of $45/month, we could not be happier!!!

 So, I'm a bad mom...I didn't take Justin's picture on his first day of Kindergarten.  Boo, but he won't be without a picture, so here's Justin after school one day this month.  Notice his "big boy" back pack...he's done with the characters I guess.  His teacher is Mrs. Gomes and she is an older teacher, who is great and we're really happy with her.  I volunteer on Fridays and I've been really happy with what I see. After the first couple of days of school, Jeff was talking with Justin in bed one night about his day and asked him how he likes kindergarten.  Justin replied, "Not good, we don't even have homework.  Kindergarten is such a rip off!" hahahaaaa...well, he's got homework now, and he loves it, so I guess we're getting our moneys worth now!!!


Kristin Jones said...

Waaaaaaa!! They're all getting so big!

Amber Brown said...

What cute little boys!!! I'm so excited for Jordan and Justin and can't believe you're paying FORTY FIVE DOLLARS a month for 3 days of preschool--SCORE :)