Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 27, 2011

Forget Me Not

Every year, we have a General Relief Society Meeting for the sisters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...and anyone else who would like to watch. :) This year, President Uchtdorf, a member of the First Presidency of the church, gave such a wonderful and applicable talk that I had to share it on here for those who did not get to see it. It hit home in so many ways for me, and I feel it could do the same for anyone or woman. :) Please watch. It is wonderful.

(Thanks Heidi, I feel the same way!)


Kristin Jones said...

I watched it this morning. So, so great!

Heidi Miller said...

ha! I started reading this post and thought....this sounds so familiar..where did I read this before? Then I got to the end. ha! :) I miss you. I wish we could have watched it together.