Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 20, 2011


It's my big year...finally 30!  It feels older.  To make my birthday super special we've been celebrating all month long!!  Of course you should milk it for all it's worth right??  Well, to start my b-day month right, I woke up on Sept. 1 to a note from Jeff saying that since it's my special 30th b-day, he'd be writing a note to me everyday with a reason he loves me.  Then I have to find it.  I cannot tell you HOW AWESOME THIS HAS BEEN!!  I feel so loved.  This beats any present Jeff could have gotten me and is the most memorable thing he has ever done for me.  I love it!! I got so lucky the day I met Jeff.  Oh yeah, and he got me a new phone! Woot Woot!  :0)

So for my first celebration, we went Labor Day weekend to Apple Hill to celebrate with my family.  
Justin drove Zach's quad for the first time, and even gave Jordan a ride!

 Then off to High Hill Ranch for caramel apples and to enjoy the beautiful day!

 Grandma bought the kids a pony ride...this is heaven for my boys...

 And outside the Fudge Factory they have this new great little play area.  It was perfect for keeping the kiddies occupied while we devoured our caramel apples!!!

 And our other new fav. spot, Apple Ridge...they have a petting zoo where you can feed the animals.  My boys could have spent the entire day just here.  Too bad it was a hot day and Hailey was pretty done. 

 We had a delicious BBQ for dinner, fresh Salmon caught from dad's fishing trip.  Mmmm!  Homemade ice cream and lemon meringe pie.  My mom knows how to make me feel special!!  The biggest surprise was the huge bow tied around the piano I grew up parents decided to give it to me for my special b-day!! I love it!!

This dress was made by Jeff's mom when she was in Jr. High!! She had 5 boys, and has kept it this whole time and now Hailey fits it and it's so cute on her!

 I love birthdays in our family, because they're more like birthday months...and tons of restaurants give free meals during your special month like Chevys!

 Friday night we celebrated with G& G Capell...

 And then Jeff and my mom threw me a "surprise" 30th b-day with some of our friends  here in Riverbank. I married a great man!
Jessica Stacey, Karen Garcia-Young and Me

Alyssa Hearon, Sharon Cornelious, Me and Kathy Richey

Alex Garcia-Young, Brian Stacey, Kirk Hearon, Jeff, Sean Richey

Mom and dad came to bring the piano and mom did all the food for the party.  The cake. was. amazing. Thanks so much for helping Jeff mom!!!

Kim McCain, me, Sarah Griffin


Sam and Kat said...

happy 30th, sheila! what a fun month! btw you look ah-ma-zing in all those pics!! go you!! :)

Kristin Jones said...

What a fun birthday month! Wish I could have been there to help you celebrate.

Amber Brown said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad everyone made it so special for you---welcome to 30!!!! (still trying to get used to it...)

Kari said...

So glad you had a fun birthday! We had a blast celebrating at Apple hill with you guys as we always do! I love this time of year! And I so wish we could have made it to your party! Looks like it was super fun! Jeff is so good to you :) Love you sis! Welcome to club 30!

Megan said...

Finally added the brown butter frosting recipe to the applesauce cake!! So sorry it took so long! Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy 30th!!!

Megan said...

Oh! Here's the link:

Heidi Miller said...

WOW!!! Your family went ALL out for your 30th. How lucky. You look amazing in EVERY picture Sheila. Happy Birthday again. Love you!