Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 15, 2011

End of September

 The boys harvested some of our green onions for the first time...AWESOME!
 Little Miss Hailey is now pulling up and getting into everything.  She does this hilarious growl when she tries to talk to us and it is so hard not to laugh at her.  She's also successfully climbed up one of our stairs...and fallen down it.  She was so sad for like 10 seconds and then once she got some love, was RIGHT back over to that dang stair!

 Sooo, Sept. was still my birthday month, so on the way to our last Giants game we stopped at PF Changs for dinner and of course the Great Wall of Chocolate...mmmmmmmm


Kristin Jones said...

I love that your birthday is a month long celebration!

Heidi Miller said...

I like the birthday month idea too. How fun! Um....that cake looks awesome too! I've gotta go get one!