Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 1, 2011

Homemade Pillows

 So the boys have been begging me to sew something with them, and after putting them off for a few months we decided to make some pillows (since that's about as fancy as I can get with a sewing machine! HA!)  So I had some leftover Muslin that I cut into rectangles, got out some non-washable markers I had hiding ;-) and let them decorate their rectangles first.  Kept em busy for a good amt. of time one day since they had to decorate both rectangles and they wanted to do a great job.  Like two weeks later after putting it off and putting it off, we finally assembled our pillows.  I busted out the sewing machine and some stuffing and we made our pillows!

 Jordan captured me hard at work ;-)

 And they really love them!!  I was shocked at how in to this they got and it turned out to make me want to try more things like this with the boys!

 AND it's apple season, again. already.  We still had a few jars of applesauce and pie filling from last year...but we needed more and Jeff's parents have an awesome tree so we picked about a 100 lbs of apples and went to work!  I'm so sick of canning, but we now have quite a stock of canned tomatoes and green beans from gardening, pears I got for 29 cents a pound, and of course apples.  It feels great!
Little miss Hailey is pulling up on everything now and can stand for a couple seconds on her own.  She's just recently started cruising on the couches and is so much fun!
 And here's the boys, love these guys!


Kristin Jones said...

What a fun're amazing!!

Heidi Miller said...

You are so domestic and so frugal and such a great mom. Can I be you?