Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 30, 2011

Justin turns SIX!

 Justin is six now.  Wow, seriously six seems so old!  We're so glad Justin is in our family.  He is SUCH a great big brother to Hailey, she LOVES it when he comes near her because he talks so sweet to her and is really great with her.  He loves to lead Jordan into all kinds of mischief and his favorite thing right now is hopping the fence...he still loves horses and is asking for a REAL horse from Santa...again.  He and Jordan spend hours playing horse/dog and owner.  He's reading and is one of the top readers in his Kind. class.  He has his daddy's knack for math. 

 His daddy brought him home a special treat from Sees Candy and he felt so special!
 His birthday party was a Pirate Party this year complete with a treasure hunt where they found their hats, eye patches, toys and treasure. 
 He requested a snake cake again this year and was very specific with the colors.

 Since we like to celebrate all month long, we celebrated with his cousins later that week.

 And then Grandma and Grandpa Capell and the Stacy cousins came also! He definitely was feeling special!

 Here's Justin's sweet ride he got from Mom and Dad for his birthday!  Had to try it out right away!

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