Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 30, 2011

Randoms from early October

Hailey loves to b-line to the computer whenever she can.  There is something about the big blue light that she just loves!

And the boys all dressed up for church one day.

Jordan does this funny embarrassed slouch thing with a cute little laugh, and I sorta caught it on camera.
 Jordan our deep sleeper as you can see, we take him potty everynight before we go to bed and it's so funny to see him sleeping on the toilet!! HAHAAAAA~
 I swear, I'm such a delinquent mother, Hailey is almost one and this her first time on a swing! CAN YOU TELL SHE LOVES IT????

 AND....I'm back on a food storage kick.  I"m determined to finish my year supply, so my good friend Sarah Griffin and I took a trip to the cannery to do some beans and milk...whew!!  ALMOST THERE!!

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