Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 8, 2011

First birthday part two

On Hailey's actual birthday, I made her a cake and we had a party with our family.  She DID NOT like her cake...or at least how the frosting felt...pretty much she just poked at it for a while until she finally just pushed it away from her! Hahahahaaa

See, even when Jeff was feeding it to her...she wanted nothing to do with it!

Jeff picked out her wrapping paper...girls are so fun!! And for the present...her very own first kitchen!!  It came in a gazillion pieces that Jeff spent the whole next morning putting together, but it's PERFECT for her and we LOVE IT!!  So worth the 5 bucks I paid for it, 75% off at Walgreens...I was a little nervous...


sherrie said...

cute cake! what a bargain shopper you are. perfect little kitchen i bet she's cooking up a storm all day long. such a cutie!

Angela said...

Of course you got it for $5. =)
Love you little Hailey! Happy Birthday!

The Howards said...

She's so cute Sheila! They grow so fast!

Heidi Miller said...

Ummmm, her cake is so darling. Still can't believe she will be walking soon! Crazy!