Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 1, 2011

November Fun

 Here's one of the two pumpkins Jeff and the boys did.  We cut up and cooked Justin's pumpkin right after this picture and made pumpkin waffles for dinner, and pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast...they were delicious!

 Jordan's was a bat, but we didn't get any pictures, how sad.  And here's little missy...fully getting in to ALL my cupboards, this one and the spices are her favorites.  Today she found my pots and pans...and so it begins!!

 Just one day this month the kids all playing outside in the backyard.

 And I made Jeff pull over in the orchards so we could take some pictures of all the beautiful leaves!!  I LOVE the fall colors and especially all the falling leaves.  It was right after a fun day at Funworks, so the kids were pretty spent, but I still think it was worth it!

 And Hailey is officially riding forward facing!!  I love how little she is in this big car seat compared Jordan!
 And Mister Jordan showing off his turkey hat at his Thanksgiving feast at school.

OH yeah, and a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to (for the second year in a row) attend the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie!  Yes, it was so much fun!

And here's a couple more of Hailey for fun!

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