Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 21, 2012

Christmas beginnings...

Yes it is December, but since we haven't been getting any rain, it's been such a mild winter so far and we're taking full advantage of the bike riding weather.  This is the boys' favorite place to visit, just about a block down the street are "Ginger" and "Black Beauty"...our two best friends!

I love the holidays and they are just beginning!  Since my parents are "downsizing" (let's not talk about that) we were the lucky recipients of their trampoline!! The boys have been on it NON stop everyday ever minute the sun is out! And along with the tramp they came bearing gifts from Uncle Jeff's old collection of GI Joe army guys... they've had SO much fun with these!!
The first of the Santa pictures, at Jordan's preschool.  Cutest Santa EVER!!!

Justin's school did a Christmas sing-a-long and they performed "Must Be Santa" with all the hand motions to go along.  Justin did great and Jordan was such a proud little brother!
Jeff's work paid for us to go see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Gallo Center with a reception beforehand.  Great night with my sweetheart, bad night for morning sickness...good thing I dropped the babysitter off before I lost my dinner on the side of the road!!!  SICK!

Perfoming at the ward Christmas party, Jordan will be a Sunbeam next year!!

 HOHOHOOOO!! Here's our Christmas pumpkin!! It was in our garden still green at Halloween, so thus we have a Santa pumpkin!!  Rosey cheeks and all!!! hahahahaaaa

 And little miss Hailey is such funny girl with putting things in her mouth...just like Justin, oh, and Jeff! Hahaa, she loves to bite soft squishy things.


Heidi Miller said...

Soooo, you're parents are downsizing? I want to hear more about this. Sad...I love their house. :( So awesome you got the trampoline though. I can't wait to have a yard so we can get one!

Kristin Jones said...

Bike riding weather?? What's that?! so fun that you got the tramp.