Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 21, 2012

Christmas Day

 My handsome boys before church on Christmas Sunday.

After Sahara's blessing, we were battling the sun...

Christmas Day after Sahara's blessing, was spent with the Stacy Family and almost everyone was there.  What an answer to prayers that Uncle Jeremy was there with us too!  I was so surprised this year with how pleasant Christmas present opening was.  Each kid waited their turn for their present, enjoyed watching others opening their presents and were very appreciative of their own presents received.  It wasn't rushed at all and seemed to be such a great day!  One of my highlights from Christmas this year was giving my mom and dad their annual Photo Calendar.  It's a tradition that Kari started when Zach was a baby, so we have kept it going for grandma and she loves it and looks forward to it!  Well, this year, I wanted my mom to make sure I got ALL the dates right since I always seem to misplace one.  To her eventual surprise, she found a new birthday in August...August 7th to be exact, the DUE DATE of her next grand kid coming from the Capell family!!  So, yes, we spilled the beans to both families over Christmas and we're so excited for our new addition!!



Enjoying our AMAZING Steak dinner from Grandpa Stacy!  SO YUMMY!! 

AND we can't forget....Happy 81st Birthday to Grandpa Hobbs!


Heidi Miller said...

Looks like you're getting all caught up on the bloggy. The boys are so stinkin cute for Christmas. How fun!

Kari said...

yay!! SO glad you are catching up one your blog! Great pics and what a special Christmas Eve with Kenneth's family. That is so awesome. And I can't believe how grown up Jordan and Justin are looking these days! So handsome in their sweaters :) Loved seeing you guys this week! Love you!

Kristin Jones said...

Love the boys' sweaters. What a fun way to tell your mom!! So great!