Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 27, 2012

Happy Valentines Weekend!!

For Valentines Day this year Jeff was originally planning on taking the weekend off and doing something fun with just he and I.  Well, after realizing Justin had Monday off too, we decided to take full advantage of the three day weekend and planned a quick trip to So. Cal!!!  We hit up Magic Mountain on Saturday which was AWESOME!!! We'll def. be going back there seeing that it's only 4 hours from our house and with season passes, we're going to be taking full advantage.  Then that night we drove the rest of the way down to Carlsbad where we were staying for the next two nights.  Turns out the one star econolodge I booked was PERFECT for our family.  It had a huge room, fresh made waffles for breakfast, fruit to take for lunch, very clean...shoot, we were super happy.  Plus it was 2 min. from the beach, church and Legoland.  YESSS!  Oh, and the Rite Aid at the end of the street came in really handy when we needed a thermometer to see just how high Haileys temp. was...poor poor girly. 


DAY 3 LEGOLAND!!! Still waiting for Hailey to wake up...poor girl was drug everywhere sick, and still a trooper. 

I think it's hilarious that my boys are torturing the poor lego boy. Ah my eye! My foot!

Our first little train ride!

Driving the cars, so much freedom!

I told the boys to make sad face b./c they are all locked up, Jordan didn't get it, but Justin did!  And then below are the friends we made while at the park.  While Jeff and Jordan were on the Helicopter ride a met a mom there alone with four little boys all Justin's age and younger.  We decided to stick with them and help them out so she could ride with one of her boys and either Jeff or I would stay out with the little ones.  Turns out we find out she's a member of the church and had a good feeling about me when I first offered to watch her two younger boys so she could ride with her older two.  So glad she trusted me, and we were happy to be able to make her trip a little more fun.  Turns out the boys had a great time with their new friends!!

You can see in the picture above that the boys are soaked...yes, we got poured on towards the end of the day. :0(  It didn't even phase the boys, but me and Hailey were DONE, so we took our park hopper passes and hopped on in to the Aquarium.  You can see she was loving her freedom to be OUT of the stroller and free to wander around.

She was spent by the end of this day.  You'd think she'd pass out in the car on the way, not this child.  OFFICIALLY world's WORST car traveler.  She cried non stop from Bakersfield to Turlock...that's like 4 hours! BAHHHHHHHHHH!

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Kari said...

Aside from poor little sick Hailey, it looks like a super fun trip! WE need to take a trip down to Magic Mountain this year for sure!