Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 24, 2012

Jordan's FOURTH Birthday!

 Startin' the b-day month off at Red Robin!!!

 Following up with a birthday party at Gma and Gpa Stacy's house!! Jordan first asked for a firetruck cake, I let grandma take that one on and Jordan LOVED it!!!

 Then day before his birthday, we did a Capell family birthday party and he requested a blue baseball there you have it Jordan, your wish is my command!

 Actual birthday, January 30th.  He got his name made of pancakes on his You Are Special plate I just recently made.  Jordan really is such a special boy!!  We just LOVE his cute fun personality!
 Friends birthday party on his actual birthday!! We went to Jacob Meyer Park and it was a great idea b/c the kids just loved playing on the playground the entire time, add in lunch, presents, cupcakes and a pinata and biggity bam, party done!! Please notice the far his shoe of choice and totally fitting for this silly kid!

Monster truck cupcakes, talk about a hit, and so easy!

A huge Tow Mater from Mom and Dad, something he didn't actually pick out!

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Kari said...

LOVE that kid!! Can't believe he is four!! Where does the time go?!! Looks like he had a great birthday month!!