Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 27, 2012

No more bottle...grrrrrr

Seriously, if I didn't know it only gets harder with time, I probably would have let Hailey have her bottle forever.  So much easier than change.  But, being the mom, I figured 15 months was probably time to make the switch to a sippy.  So there. Done.  Check. Hailey HATES it, but oh well, she'll get over it and I have to say, she's eating a ton more food since she's not filling up on so much milk. 


Kari said...

YAY for no more bottles!! Now you're a real big girl Hailey!! We will be doing the same transition someday soon :(

Mrs. Kristy said...

Charlotte is 16 months now and has been using a sippy cup for a while but much to the dismay of her doctor, we haven't been able to break her of using the bottle to fall asleep to in our laps for nap and bedtime. Any tricks?