Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 13, 2012

A Burden Lifted

So recently Jeff and I have both felt really strong that we should finish our years supply of food storage.  So I just made up my mind one day that we had a little money in savings that we could use to pay for food storage.  I rationalized that if we needed to live on our food storage, money in our savings acct. would do us no good, and that I needed to have the food in my house.  So, done.  I went out that weekend and did a huge order at the cannery.  I HATE spending money, but driving home that day felt. so. good!!  It was confirmed to me that I had made the right choice!  Well, after throwing my Shelf Reliance party I got a few more things on my list crossed off and am now so happy to announce that we did it!  We finally got our years supply of food!  Best part, every single thing that I'm storing, I know how to use and I'm learning more and more about what I can do with it all.  So there you have it, it's all under my stairs, safe and sound and I'm rotating the three month supply stuff as best I can from my pantry. This has definitely been a process and did not happen overnight, but I feel like once I made my mind to do it, stuff fell in line and I was able to get a plan and get it done.

Along with food storage, something that has been weighing on my mind for the past at least two years, was to update my 72 hour kits that I put together when we were a family of 3.  Now that we are almost double that...I had some work to do.  It's all just been overwhelming and confusing knowing what to put in them, etc.  So finally Sunday night Jeff and I went through everything, put together a backpack for each of our kids and a roll-y suitcase for he and I.  Once I sat down and actually thought it all through, it was not such a big ordeal, I just needed the right stuff for us and put it together.  I decided we would update them every Spring General Conference to keep the clothes updated and keep us on top of the food and water in them!


Kamie said...

Oh my gosh thanks for this post. My goal this year was to get a really good water filter and a 72 hour kit...yeah haven't even started yet.

Kari said...

Good job Sheila!! You are always inspiring me to do more! My goal is to get our 72 hour kits done this year too! Soon hopefully!

Nick and Cristina Anderson said...

I SOOOO need to do this! Thanks for inspiring me! MIss you!