Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 23, 2012

General Conference

General Conference this year was not my ideal conference because Jeff wasn't here with us.  His Grandma Capell was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and has been given only a few months to live.  Since he had the weekend off, and his parents were driving out there, we got him a one-way flight out there, and he drove home with them.  He had a great time seeing his grandma and got to tell her how much she means to him before passing just three weeks later. So, instead of trying to watch conference by myself with my three kiddos, we packed up and headed to Placerville to my parents new house.  The kids thought it was great and we had treats and games for them to play during conference.  I think my dad liked it more than them though :)  The card table is their "tent" that is set up facing the prophet, just like the people with King Benjamin.  My mom and I had fun talking to the boys about it and they thought it was a lot of fun too. 

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Heidi Miller said...

Your parent's new place seems nice! I LOVE the idea of the tent facing the prophet! Where do you come up with this stuff?! I have to remember that for next conference. My kids would eat that up!