Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 23, 2012

Getting over my control issues

 Once we had gotten down all the baby stuff from the attic, I had Jeff put together our high chair! I also decided to let go of my control issues and let Hailey start feeding herself.  (I think she liked her freedom)

 This dress is a dress that I wore that my mom had kept.  I decided to put it on Hailey the other day for my mom!

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Heidi Miller said...

I love that you wore that dress. Sheila...I cannot get over how cute she is. Do people comment on her all the time?! I would if I saw her with you in the store. I may also be tempted to pinch her cheeks! Also, feeding herself....ahhhhh I have to admit that I hate that stage. Yogurt especially. Sick. :)