Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 23, 2012

Jordan Preschool Graduation

Jordan had his preschool graduation and I had no idea what I was in for...parents brought balloons, presents, crowns, flowers...I mean, the works!!  So, my poor deprived child was sad I didn't bring him a present and was pretty bummed after it was all over.  The director lady from Parks and Rec came up to him to see why he was sad and after telling her, she grabbed one of the table decorations and handed it to him and said, "here ya go, happy graduation!"  The kid was BEAMING after that and went on to show his new treasure to ALL of his friends.  It's still on his dresser.


Heidi Miller said...

So easily pleased! Love it. He is so cute!

Kristin Jones said...

Presents for preschool graduation...what?! What a nice lady!