Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 23, 2012

Justin Lost his first tooth

 April 12, 2012 is the day that Justin lost his very first tooth!  He was SO excited!! He kept asking me all day to try and pull it out, and I swear I gave it a few good go's.  But honestly, I was a little chicken to actually pull it out!  We decided to wait for daddy to get home and on his first try, BAM, it was out, easy shmeasy!!  I was actually really giddy myself, I cannot believe that I have a kid losing teeth!!  Tooth Fairy brought him 10 dimes...he got to keep 9 and paid one for tithing :)


Heidi Miller said...

That is the same first tooth Alex lost! Isn't it SO weird that our boys are losing their teeth!? Alex has lost two and has two more that are loose! Stop growing little man! I bet Justin was SO excited!

Kristin Jones said...

We've got a top one loose over here. comes big kid ugly teeth stage!!