Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

May 23, 2012

Planting our Garden and New Beds!

I took these pictures as I was doing dishes from inside the kitchen (yes, I really do need to clean this window) but I just was having one of those quiet moments where I was so grateful for an awesome husband/father, and three great kids all working together and having a great time.

I am getting a little anxious about having four kids, and to be honest, it's very very overwhelming for me.  So I've had a couple of rough nights emotionally.  After talking to my mom on the phone one night, we decided it would probably be helpful if we got the baby's room situated and the boys together sharing a room a couple months before the little one comes so it's not a huge transition.  So they took their Saturday and came and helped us disassemble and reassemble furniture to put the boys together in the big room Hailey used to be in, move Hailey into Jordan's old room, and set up the baby in Justin's old room.  WHEW!! What a morning.  To top it off, we had a garage sale that afternoon, gave away our HUGE desk that was taking up half a bedroom, and sold two of my jogging strollers that I never ever use!  Success!!  And to go even a step further, Jeff and the kids planted our garden until 9pm that night!! WHAT A DAY!!!!


Heidi Miller said...

That's a good idea. Maybe I'd cry less too if we made space for the baby!! Oh...wait...we don't have space for the baby!! AHHHHHH!!!!! :) I guess I could go ahead and clear out the corner of our bedroom where he'll be spending his frist 2 months of life. Bring on the sleepless nights, neglected children, and crazy mommy months. AHHHHH!! :) Man, Sheila, it makes me feel better that you are afraid too. I am SO not ready.

Kristin Jones said...

Love those reflecting moments!! Glad you got tons done that day. I hate those busy days, but I love when they are over and can see just how much we got done! So nice that rooms are situated over there. One less thing to worry about!! Hang in there girl!