Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

June 28, 2012

Idaho Trip to visit Great Gpa Capell

 We looooove going to visit Great Grandpa Capell in Idaho!  He's a REAL farmer and has AWESOME tractors and trucks all over his property to play on and "drive".

 Notice Justin's REAL cowboy hat in this picture.  Great Grandpa gave this hat to Justin and it might have been the highlight of this little boy's life.  He LOOOOOVES his hat and it's even more special because it was a gift from Great Grandpa. 

 The park gets better and better and every year we go.  Check out Jordan's swing, it's a horse made out of tires...SUPER COOL!!


 We went on Memorial Day to visit Great Grandma Capell's grave and actually there are quite a lot of the Capell family ancestors burried in Arimo, ID.  It was great to be there with all the family.  We sure miss Violet.  

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Kristin Jones said...

How fun...especially for your boys!!!