Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 20, 2012

Baby Shower at BJ's

Oh, I LOVE my friends!!  So there was a mass txt sent out that I don't think everyone got for some reason, but for those that caught word, we met up at BJ's for dinner/dessert and to celebrate this little guy's almost arrival!  So I really just wanted an excuse to get together, but my good friends spoiled me rotten and I got my favorite swaddling blankets, some super cute outfits, the MOST ADORABLE diaper motorcycle, holy cow, it is so cute, and to top it off, a new infant car seat!  I swear, I was spouting off my pipe dreams of a new infant seat that had adjustable straps with a crotch strap instead of manually having to do it in the back to my bf Alyssa...well, she got a few girls to go in with her and got me my dream!  SO EXCITED and SO SHOCKED!!!  It was such a fun night, no one wanted to leave we all need an excuse to get some girls together every now and then!!  T minus 11 days!!!!


Kristin Jones said...

What great friends!! That motorcycle is so cute!

Heidi Miller said...

How fun and HOW on earth did she make that motorcycle?! That has to be the coolest diaper gift I have ever seen. Ever. Also, very cool about the new carseat. You are lucky girl! Btw, just got word my sister Steph's water just broke! 3 1/2 weeks early! She is at the hospital now. Pretty soon it's you! Only 11 days! AHHHH!!! Less than that now right?! 9??

Kari said...

So glad you have such great friends that take care of you!! This made me miss you and wish that we lived closer so bad!! :( I'm counting down the days with you and can't wait for you to have that sweet boy! Hope you're hanging in there sis! Love you!