Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 20, 2012

Bowling Time

I'm going crazy, everyday I just need something to look forward to so that the day doesn't just drag on and on and on....and onnnnnnnn ;0)  So the kids have been begging to go bowling and so we did!  Hailey was my highlight, she loved it SOOOO MUCH, it was great to watch her get super excited and loved pushing the ball down the ramp, loved watching it roll and LOVED when it knocked down the pins!  She would stomp her feet really fast and shake her hands as she screamed her high high pitched little squeal.  So fun.  The boys did great too, I was surprised with how great they both did and it really was a fun morning!


Heidi Miller said...

Could Hailey be ANY cuter?!?!?!

Amber Brown said...

That looks so fun! I'm sure you've done mini golf but I was surprised how much Harrison loved it- asks for it pretty much every day :)

Kari said...

We went bowling last week too! Kids love it! I love that Hailey was having so much fun too! She is such a cutie! I'm pretty sure Lilly would just be trouble at the bowling alley :) She stayed home with Mema when we went.

The Howards said...

Ahh...I've neglected coming to your blog for too long and now I see your almost due with baby#4 and I had no idea you were pregnant! congrats and good luck! Your kids are cuties! (Camille has that same purple dress!)