Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

July 20, 2012

Monterey on a WINDY day!

Jeff had Monday off so we decided to go to the beach with Darren, Natalie, Grandma Capell, Kenny, Stephanie and Kevin.  It was supposed to be 65 and beautiful.  I think it was 65, and I if you weren't right by the beach and water, it was beautiful...but for an ideal beach day, this was not this day.  Hailey just snuggled in my shoulder the whole time, and eventually we wound up huddled up in our sunshade tent thing, lol.  The boys were totally unaffected by the wind and had a blast playing in the sand, finding crabs, shells and other treasures at the beach.  So happy they don't care about the same stuff that I do!  The funniest part of the day was watching Darren put together some pbj sandwiches without the sand blowing in them!!

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Heidi Miller said...

Oh how I miss the beach! How fun. You are still out doing so many fun things and you are about to have a baby! You go girl!