Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 20, 2012

More of Jared in the hospital

   So here's Jared's Birth Story:
Exactly a week before Jared's scheduled C-Section, I decided to go in to L&D and get him checked out. I just wanted to make sure his movements were all good, and that he was doing well.  After experiencing opposite with Hailey, I thought I would rather be sure.  After an hour, everything was great and he was doing very well.  That visit was just what I needed to get me through one more week till his actual C-Section.  After a very productive week, it was finally time.  Jeff worked his last shift on Saturday and we enjoyed our last Monday as a family of 5.  My mom got here on the 30th, Monday night, and she would help me get everything else ready in the house that I wanted done before Jared came.  She's so wonderful, I have THE BEST. MOM. EVER.  In the morning on Tuesday (longest morning ever) we finally left at 10:15 to check in at 10:30.  Then the process began...I was given the gown to change into and was told to pee in the cup and then come out so they could go through all the questions, put in my IV, and get me ready to go.  I guess I was kinda nervous because I peed and flushed so quickly I completely forgot to pee in the cup! Oops!  The lady who put my IV was the BEST I've ever had.  With Justin I think my IV was worse than the childbirth! Seriously.  So things were going great, moving along till they realized I didn't ever get my OB panel done when I was first pregnant.  I guess with three other kids I just never made the time to get that done, Oops again!  So they took my blood there and got that running so we could get ready for the OR.  After meeting the Anesthesiologist and having him explain everything to me, I was really getting nervous and anxious and was ready to go.  Almost 12:30!! WAHOOO!! ...then 12:45...then 1:00...where was Dr. Clare?  Apparently schedules mean nothing to doctors, as soon as he finally arrived around 1:10, we were all set to go.  I kissed Jeff goodbye and they wheeled me in to the OR.  I got my spinal right after and it was SO MUCH BETTER THAN WITH HAILEY!  Wow, so that's how it's supposed to be.  They put the drapes up and in came Jeff, man it was so great to see Jeff.  He makes everything better. Mid way through, I got the with every single kid.  Unfortunately with C-Secions I don't have hours to get over the shakes before the baby gets here.  It just stinks because once the baby is born I can't even hold them until I can stop shaking.  After less tugging and pulling than with Hailey, I heard him, the scream was so great to hear and again I was overcome with emotion.  Jeff and I shared our moment of being parents again for the fourth time. I was mostly curious if he really was a HE, and then Jeff came to tell me he had red hair! I was shocked that we could have two, so fun!  We took our picture and then they wheeled us into the recovery room.  I just kept waiting to stop shaking, it took about an hour. I was so excited to hold Jared and decided to try and feed him right away, he latched right on and has been such a great little nurser! LOVE THAT! (I'm positive it was just me not knowing what to do with Justin, because they have all be so great right off the bat and Jared was no exception).  After the recovery room, we went to my hospital room (a shared room....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) My nurse promised me that she would do her best to get me into a private room.  The kids and my mom then showed up and that was good.  I was still numb and a little groggy, so it was kinda foggy, but it was good to see the kids.  They all responded so cute and were so well behaved, I was so happy!  Jeff left with them to put them to bed and mom stayed.  Then the good news came and we were moved to a private room!  Our hospital experience with Jared was great again.  I am one of those girls who actually really enjoys my time in the hospital.  Three days was great with just me, Jared and Jeff.  Sometimes Jeff would go spend some time with the boys and my mom would come and visit.  It was nice. And now he's here and we're loving our little Jared!   


Heidi Miller said...

I actually like staying in the hospital as well. But not with Benjamin. I was sharing a room the whole time and the flippin AC was not working in the hospital!! BAAAA!! I wanted to shoot myself. Thankfully, my OB was also my friend and she got me out. :) Man, Jared is so sweet! I love hearing the birth story.

The Bjurstrom Family said...

He is so precious!! Congrats:)