Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 1, 2012

My 31st B-day

To celebrate my b-day, my girlfriends took me lunch at BJs, I think it's my new favorite restaurant.  Mmmm, Clam chowder in a bread bowl and pizzookie, what more could you want???  Plus great fun with girls!  Then on my actual birthday my mom came and celebrated with me by taking me shopping for the day.  We dropped off the older three at Megan Carlson's to be babysat.  She's one of my 13 yr. old Young Women who I just love.  She was so sweet, she even watched them for free for me!  Such a sweet girl, I could not believe it!  My mom bought me an ice cream cake and it was a great day. I love spending time with my wonderful mother. Then a couple days later we celebrated at Chevy's as a family.  It's tradition!

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Kristin Jones said...

So glad you had a fabulous birthday! Love the sombrero!!