Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 7, 2012

Here's our Newest adventure...

Soooooo, we decided to put our house on the market to test it out and see if we could get what we wanted for it.  So after some prayer and temple attendance and after interviewing a few agents we decided to list our house for $240,000.  I thought it was a little too high, but Jeff was set on this number so we went for it.  I was fully prepared to lower the price in a few weeks.  Sure enough, Jeff was right.  We had lots of interest and I went crazy for two weeks keeping our house spotless...soooo not easy with four kids.  Then we got an offer, they offered our asking price!!  We are in escrow now, 60 days set to close on the 17 of December.  We are waiting for the appraisal to come back and are excited to find a house in the school district we want to live in!  Until then, the plan is to rent from a friend until we can make some better decisions!

And here's some of my besties...we do game day every Thursday at Kara's...we'll be like five houses away from each other in the house we will be renting :) SO FUN!!

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Heidi Miller said...

No Freaking WAY!!! I am so so so so happy for you guys! That is amazing! Absolutely amazing! Good luck buying your 2nd home! Already!