Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

November 7, 2012

Justin's 7th Birthday

HOLY COW, Justin is SEVEN!!!  What a great kid Justin is!  Some things about Justin...He's a super great big brother especially to Hailey.  He talks so sweet to her and is always patient and kind to her.  His new love this year is Baseball.  Jeff and I agree that it has overtaken the obsession he has had for years with horses.  He doesn't go anywhere without his glove and a ball and is constantly asking Jeff to play with him.  He is in first grade and is reading great.  His strength is math and it comes very naturally to him.  He surprises me with his abilities to add and subtract time and he has finally learned to save money!!  He is still a very good independent entertainer.  He can play by himself for hours.  He loves to play cars.  At night he stays up extra long in his bed reading and writing.  He has a strong will and strong spirit. If Jeff and I go heart to heart with him he always responds as opposed to force or yelling.  We are so happy to have Justin in our lives and feel lucky that he chose us to be his parents! 

Birthday breakfast at Dennys...
He requested a yellow smiley face that's what he got!
We went to Chuck E. Cheese on his birthday with my parents Mark and his kids. It was so great to see my brother because he's away working in Houston, TX for a while, and soon going to Pittsburgh, so it was great to get to spend some time with him.  Kari was away for a sisters weekend in DC which I'm sure was a blast!!

And then we celebrated with the Capells on Sunday


Kari said...

Looks like Justin had a great birthday!! And just FYI in your writing you said it was me and the kids there with you guys at Chuck E Cheese but it was actually Mark and the kids :) I wished I could have been there too but I was gone that weekend :) But I'm sure you are just used to it being me and the kids all the time lately! Just wanted you to know so you can fix it for your book ;). I'm loving catching up on all your new blog posts!! I'm trying to work on mine too! Love you!!

Heidi Miller said...

I can't believe he is 7 already Sheila! What a great kid. I am with Kari and you . .. I am SO behind on the dang blog. :(

Kristin Jones said...

Happy Birthday Justin! What fun birthday celebrations!

The Riddle Family said...

Ummm... you have a seven year old. How crazy is that?!