Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 31, 2013

Jordan's Actual Birthday

 Monkey Bread for Breakfast, McD's happy meals for lunch, pancakes that spell his name for dinner...this boy had it all planned out from the get go. 

 And for cream with candles instead of cake!  My kind of birthday!!! We love you so much Jordan, you are such a special personality.  Your eyes light up our lives and especially we love your wonderful hugs and kisses.  You have an amazing understanding of the Gospel already and your teachers have told me more than once that you could teach the lessons.  We know it's your strong spririt and can't wait to continue to see you grow.  You are in preschool and are getting better at writing. Your mind wants to go faster than your body will allow sometimes and it's frustrating for you...but everyone better just watch out in another year!!!  You're amazing Jordan!!


Capell said...

Love the idea of Ice Cream instead of cake! He's so cute! By the way that monkey bread looks so yummy!

Kristin Jones said...

SO cute...what a special birthday!