Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 31, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Stacy Family

Not sure how much frosting actually made it on the cookies by this little girl :)
Oh I just love these kids!!
  Especially this one...I think does things everyone wishes they could do...

After a nice day of fun and play and a very yummy tri-tip steak dinner we gathered the kids to act out the Nativity. Madelyn was Mary, Grandpa was Joseph, and Kali wanted to be the donkey, of course.
Zach and Justin were the shepherds
I was the Angel and Mark was the Narrator

Jeff, me and Jordan were also the three Wise Men
 The Nativity cast.
The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ really is the most amazing gift of all and I hope that we can always teach our children that this is really the only thing that matters on Christmas.
Here's a picture with the kiddos and their new fleece blankies from Grandma Stacy!!  What a great gift, they love them.  Hailey has started snuggling hers every night and of course my boys love their horsies!! Thanks Gma Stacy!!!

Jordan got some sweet Magna Tiles from Grandma and Grandpa Stacy and if you don't know what they are you are missing out!! SUCH a fun toy.  They kept these five busy for over an hour all playing happily together building a garage for Justin's new Pirate Ship from Grandma and Grandpa.  
  Look at my cute brother Mark and sweet Kari!  (since I copied most of this post from Kari's blog I couldn't delete this picture! It's SO CUTE!)

We are so grateful for such wonderful family to spend the holidays with and although our hearts were missing sweet Uncle Jeremy a lot this Christmas we made sure to keep his memory alive in our home and with the children. I made a "Jeremy" Christmas ornament for every family and Grandma has been working on another big project of converting old home videos to DVD's for all the families to have. Such an awesome gift and it was so fun watching the videos together and for all of us to reminisce together! MISS YOU JEREMY.

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