Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 31, 2013

New big girl bed!!! Jared grabs toes

 Look at how happy she looks in her new big girl's just a front.  She didn't love it at all.  I could barely even get her to lay down in it!  We decided with the new house to put away the crib and bust out the big bed in hopes of stopping the banging.  It actually has worked, and her bump and bald spot are going away! Horray!
 Here's our annual Gingerbread house Family Home Evening.  Jeff is so great at doing this with the kids.  I really have no part in it...ever.  I just buy the stuff and they do it.  Love you JEFF!!!

 And Jared had a Non-allergic reaction to his Amoxicillin. He broke out in a rash for a little over a week.  It started on day 5 of his treatment.  It seemed to bother him at the beginning and we were a little worried.  After talking to the nurse we were sure of what it was.  Crazy! 

 And for Grandma Stacy we always take lots of toes pictures with the hopes of getting a good one for her grandkids frame. 

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