Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

January 31, 2013

New Years Eve in Arimo, Idaho

 Oh yeah, have I mentioned that Jeff has had the past two weeks off for baby bonding?  AWESOME! So we decided that since the boys don't go back to school till the 7th, that we would take a trip to Utah.  We visited Great Grandpa Capell for 4 days then drove down to Utah to visit Uncle Jeff, Aunt Brittany, Paislee and Dreyson!  We also got to go Jeff's cousin Tyler's wedding on the last day we were there.  It was a great trip.

 Goooooood morning!!???
 I love this picture

 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I bought poppers to celebrate the new year.  Never got a good picture though.  The boys thought they were pretty cool.
 Oh and did I mention it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING there?? Seriously, that water bottle was in our car all of like two hours and it was a solid brick.  I think it was -16 at one point in our drive through Nevada.  It averaged about 2 degrees while we were there...GEEZ!

 Getting ready to show some mad sledding skills...  Here I goooooo!
 ....right into the ditch!!  Where's the brakes on this thing!?!??!?

 Here's Jeff with Dreyson, such a cutie!!! Cannot believe I didn't get any other stinkin pictures!

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