Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day

 First Hailey helped me make chocolate covered strawberries for daddy.  Then we got her cleaned up and ready for the day.  My friend Kara helped me make this shirt:
 And Jordan wore red for his Valentine's shirt.  I have a hard time putting my boys in heart shirts...

 Then after naps she helped me clean up before daddy got home!

Jeff and I got to go away for a night while my parents came and watched the kids.  THIS WAS SO AWESOME!! I really needed it and so did Jeff.  He's lead this month at work so he's got the 6 am shift...we're really not morning people so it's kinda rough!  By Friday night we were so ready to go...Off to Tracy for the night then to the temple the next day.  A lot of relaxation and vegging out, a trip to See's thanks to mom and dad Stacy and the temple.  What a perfect weekend! Oh, and did I mention PF CHANGS!?!


Kristin Jones said...

Love this! So glad you got away!!

Amber Brown said...

So Fun! The fact that you guys have a kissing picture in pretty much every blog post makes me smile :) LOVE you!!