Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 14, 2013

A's vs Angels at Angel Stadium

So talk about stress...Jeff knew he wanted to go to Angels Stadium on our trip home from San Diego.  I mean, they were playing the A's, how much more perfect could it get??  Plus, with our luck we might just get to see another special game!!  Well, we ordered our tickets and not having a printer, we UPSed the beach house...with guaranteed arrival on the 18th.  No sweat, right??  18th comes and goes and still no tickets.  Finally at 10:05 am ON the 19th the tickets come as we are LOADING IN OUR CARS TO DRIVE AWAY!!!  SCOOOORE! What a relief!  Booking a hotel in Anaheim on a Friday night in the SUMMER was also not ideal.  Somehow, I found a sweet deal on a suite in the Embassey Suites.  This hotel was SOOOOO much fun to stay at.  We fully enjoyed the indoor pool, Manager's Reception with popcorn, free drinks, and chips and crackers before the game.  The beds were great and it was awesome to have a suite!  Then the breakfast buffet in the morning was such a great treat!! Such a fun little just us trip after a week at the beach.  We truly are so blessed!!

 Off to the game! Hailey fell asleep on the way to the game.  It was a 7pm game, so she was beat already.  I said I'd stay in the car with her while she slept.  Little did I know, this girl was out for the night!
 Jeff took the 3 boys into the stadium and got some cool pics with them. 

 As the game went on, and Hailey fell deeper and deeper asleep and Jared pooped, and was getting crankier and crankier.  So I carried my sleeping Hailey ALLLLLLL the way into the stadium sleeping the whole way.  Oh my goodness, I almost died!  Finally I HAD to wake her up once we got in there because my arms were about to fall off!  She was in a daze the rest of the night.
 Jared got his milk...
 And daddy loved his snuggle time with her!
 I left early with Jared to put him to bed in the car and called Jeff to come out early to go home.  It was just too much.  Plus, they were losing, let's just call it a night!

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Kristin Jones said...

You guys have had such a fun summer. This game turned out to be such an adventure!!!