Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 14, 2013

Birthday parties at the beach!

We had smore's on the beach

Did LOTS of boogie boarding

and played and played and played in the sand!

 For Dreyson and Jared's first birthdays, my mom made them both cakes and let the girls all help her decorate them.  They did a beautiful job, don't ya think!?!?  The boys had very different opinions of the cakes, Dreyson DUG RIGHT IN and LOVED it, Jared...not so much.  He kept crying, he hated it!!! So after the messes of the cakes were cleaned, kids were bathed etc., we had the birthday games!! First off, PIE EATING CONTEST!!!!!  Zach almost started puking, I told him if he puked it up, he'd have to eat it!  No one made themselves sick, but most of them were not about to finish their pies. hahahaaa

We will miss you Imperial Beach!! We miss you soooooo much Jeremy, you are always in our thoughts and hearts.  I really truly miss my big brother so much. I cannot wait to see you again. Love you with all my heart brother!!!

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Kristin Jones said...

Thinking about you at this time. Glad that your family was able to do something fun in Jeremy's memory.